Friday, November 21, 2008


We had a BLAST!!
a friend had rented out the entire theatre... so only TWI-HARDS
were in there!
i think my favorite part, was when they showed the previews
and the one for TWILIGHT came on
and everybody was SCREAMING & OHHHING & AWwwwING...
and that 1st kiss! YUMMY! but sooo funny too!

i will tell more, but i am sooo tired.
this momma needs a NAP!
hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


ok, I will admit it...
I have NO IDEA, how my sweet girl,
is gonna make it thru school today!
all of her teenage joy is rubbing off on me~
and I couldn't be happier about it.
just think, I get all of this fun and,
the PLUMBER is coming too! yup,
major kitchen sink trouble and company coming today...
- oh, and before i fergit, my friend did
have her babies safely. all 10 plus lbs, no c-section for her!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so much going on

real life has been keeping me super busy.
the new and most exciting thing is that my daughter and I
{and a group of great friends} will be attending a
Midnite Premiere of "TWILIGHT".
the excitement in this house is palpable!!
I still need to make 'nametags' or something like that to save our seats. sigh.
we/she got a card in the mail from her Aunt J.
sooo funny- it states that she has E. C. D.!
Edward Cullen Disorder!!! its soooo funny!
my big girl has been telling people she has O. C. D., Obsessive Cullen Disorder....
and have you SEEN the calendar?!?!
even though we own the soundtrack I still need to hear it.
lots to do. Lots to do!!!
Don't even get me started on Thanksgiving.
plans are still up in the air, dear MIL has just
had rotator cuff surgery. it should NOT be this hard to pick a house, but it is.
and all the grocery shopping.....
Prayers going out to all our friends who have been laid off recently
and with severe medical problems.
and a BIG prayer going out to Amy and Derrick~
who should soon have 2 new baby boys!
to add to the other 4!!! yup, 6 kids under 6! {5 boys 1 girl}
and this is her 1st pregnancy! LOL!
so to all my friends,
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the blessings of the Season~