Monday, November 29, 2010

What Day is your Fav???

I have really struggled with this one.... a Favorite day of the week??? seems like it would be so easy. Saturday because I can sleep in, sometimes. However, I really think I like Mondays because everything returns to the routine. I had a wacky thought though. What if I had to pick my favorite day based on the songs written about it? [ Help me fill in the blanks-and no showing off by googling for a song... just off the top of your head, Do you have any other songs? ]

Monday-"Monday, Monday, can't love that day" ( I think thats how the song goes)
"Just another Manic Monday".

Tuesday- is there a song about Tuesday?

Wednesday- what about Weds? I know how to spell it because I sound it out 'wed- nes- day'.


Friday- "Everybodies working for the weekend"?
some local dj's have a morning show and their song says 'FR- -I- D-A-Y'...

Saturday- ok all you Bay City Rollers fans, sing it with me!
"S, A, T, U, R ,D, A, Y, NIGHT!
S A T U R D A Y NIGHT! " { and yes, I still do spell it that way in my head! }
for all of you to young to remember watching them on Saturday Mornings in their kilts, please have a listen down below on my playlist. (& those of us who want to enjoy a happy flashback)
"Saturday is a special day, its the day we get ready for Sunday".

Sunday- "Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thurday, Friday, Happy Days. Saturdays, what a day, cruisin all week with you"......

OHHH, I finally figured it out, my Favorite day of the week....( drumroll please) ... is a Holiday!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There has been some excitement in a blogging group of friends, like maybe we should do some posting! Challenges are going to be made every week to encourae us to write...
let's see how long I last! muhahahahaha!

this weeks challenge... BOOKS. specifically, books that you loved as a child.

I remember my Parents got me the "Little House on the Prairie" books a beautiful paperback set in a yellow box. I believe for my 8th birthday. I love to read and these were great!
(then after the set, as many as I could find written by Laura's daughter Rose Wilder Lane.) I know that I loved learning about the past and Laura's unique perspective. I think having the TV show a few years after I read the books helped cement my love.

I love to read, and I can't really remember all the books I read, I know I read just about anything I could get my hands on, including the "Anne of Green Gables" series. Which inspired me years later as a mom how to name my children. ( long story for another day- or better yet, ask her! )
My parents also love to read and so I read alot of science fiction from my dad's collection.
Did you know that the man who wrote Tarzan, wrote a series about the future, called " John Carter of Mars." weirrrddd ;) yup, Edgar Rice Burroughs. I don't recall alot of that series, only that I read it. But my Dad had another series from Anne McCaffrey, a woman writer, shocked gasp. "THE DRAGON RIDERS OF PERN"
( alot more believable than Mr Burroughs. )
These are some great books!!! I think these are GREAT! I have been picking them up at the used bookstore and starting my own collection, and there are MORE! I can have great talks with my dad about these books.

I have tried as a MOM, to get my kids to read some of what I remember loving as a child. I have been told that my taste is to old fashioned. :) Seriously. so now what. How do I encourage my kids to read? I thought I was doomed to live among uneducated idiots. I read all the time, now what am I gonna do?

for introducing us!!!
the writer, Rick Riordan is a Genius!
A book series for the whole family to LOVE!
the kids and I have read, no, make that devoured his books. Of course we own the 1st movie too. "The Lightening Thief" and now my life is content and filled with everyday references to Percy and his friends. We have dressed up for Halloween, had a Percy themed birthday party and a movie celebration. I even received Mr Riordan's book about Egypt for Mother's Day!

Now we search for more books we can read together. Brandon Mull is a fun author, He has written a series called Fablehaven. I like Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Cowlfer, but not everybody in the house does. We must not forget the Mother/Daughter bonding experience given to us by the Twilight books. Thanks Stephenie.

and so this concludes my post on books! let me know what books you enjoy!