Friday, January 16, 2009

Future Freshman Nite

all i can say is WHOAAAAA Nelly, slow down.
its been a long time since i have set foot on a HS Campus.
not much has changed. (lol) or so i thought. we went to
an "assembly" before meeting the club and sports and etc.
i thought the assembly was nice, they had, ROTC, jazz band,
choir, the deans spoke, and the dance ensemble performed.
i was soooo embarrassed....... they had girls and guys "dancing".
i think they were doing "hip hop", not really sure what to call it.
some of the moves were great, the costumes were fairly decent
( they even had on silver converse shoes ) BUT, i thought i was gonna die
when the song got nasty and so did the dance.
now, i dont think i am a prude, and i LOVE to dance
(granted i would rather 2 step, but i still like to shake my groove thing)
it was beyond 'Dirty Dancing'. and it was on stage!!!
i guess i am officially OLD, not only did i NOT like the music, but i was offended!!!
i dont watch MTV, so i know i am behind the times, but please
tell my WHY its acceptable
at the HIGH SCHOOL to be so risque?!?!?!?!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!

Really, I hope everyone is enjoying all the New Year they can.
Things are CrAzY, WiLd, NuTsO, and purely ChAoTiC at my house.
We had a Wonerful Christmas, Hubby & kids have been on vacation
and I got a JOB!!!
Who Knew!?!
not me, thats for SURE! it really puts a new spin on things too. i am not a very organized person, so this is something i realllly need to work on since the Hubster goes back to work and the kids go back to school. My job is retail, not my favorite place ever,since i have alot of previous experience there. (lol) so far so good, nice people to work with. We'll see.

The MoSt ExCiTiNg thing happens Tommorrow,
its my Big Girls 14th B-day!!!!!
time flies...

I am also working on the new goals... isn't everybody???