Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Traditions are a great thing.
We have a couple, but to me,
the best one is all about food. Let me explain.
We got married right before Halloween,
and so we had a bit of time to think about what was
going to be "OUR" traditions. We decided that because
we are both Phoenix natives and we LOVE Mexican food.
"OUR" new family tradition was going to be eating
Mexican food for Christmas. It does not matter if we eat
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Just as long as we get to eat!

We have some favorites and we have been VERY blessed
with a Wonderful Neighbor, Dora, who shares
her Homemade Tamales-with us!
Now that IS Joy!
We have had everything you can think of, but the reigning
Favorite is 'Rick's'- better known as "Daddy's Tacos!"
One year he made 96 tacos. Can you believe it!????!
(but we fed alot of people)
to me, one of the best parts of this particular feast,
is that when Daddy makes Tacos, he also cleans up!
WAHOO!! YEAH! What a wonderful GIFT!

Another tradition that keeps getting better is our family
will go carroling. Not very easy when the kids were small
and did NOT sing. Some people don't know the words,
are to shy, or only want to ring the jingle bells.
This year should be fun! We always practice too.
We sound really great with "Far Away on Judea's Plains".
This year we are going to sing at an Alzheimers Home, with family.
I want to sing "I want a Hippo. for Christmas".
I wonder if I can get some Takers??
sounds like it could be fun, esp since we bomb on Feliz Navidad.
{the BAD bomb, not the good kind-and you would think, that song, would be easy}

What do You like to do for your Holiday Tradions? please share!