Friday, August 29, 2008

i wanted RAIN

and i got a WEIRD STORM.
when you live in the desert you expect HOT, and summer monsoon rains bring the Humidity. BUT 90 mph winds?? now that sjust WEIRD! barely any rain on my side of town,but lots of wind, i have somebody's little kid plastic pool in my yard. and i had the bathroom cabinet doors outside and i am lucky they did not break/crack when they fell. but this is nothing... the downtown area is a MESS, and poor ASU. and still, i am blessed. i dont have to worry about Gustav, and Katrina only affected my heart. and so i am worried about my friends in Miss, and Fla. and everywhere else too.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

nothing much

i feel some guilt over not posting.
but- some work has been done in the bathroom, the toilet is in. YEAH!
and so is the floor!! and my MOM job was calling, nothing like11 loads of laundry to bust your Happy Bubble. heh heheh heh heh

so anyways - thats the basic scoop. the humidity levels are high right now in monsoon season and it drives me crazy... i cannot wait till it cools off. so yeah for November! really. its usually still hot on Halloween. no furry costumes in the sonoran desert. please, it'll kill the kiddos.

oh, and tommorrow night we are going to a wedding that i did the flowers for. i am looking forward to it. her colors are black and white and pale yellow- bzzzzzz. so GLAD it was silk. and i hope it rains. its GOOD LUCK here.

and thanks for all the wonderful comments. ya'll make me laugh. and i will try to visit everybody soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 21st....

so many goings on.
School Started AUGUST 11th! not sure if i really like putting sunscreen on the kids as they walk out the door to go to the school-the pool yes, school hmmmm. its only gonna be 110* today. and my baby's teacher said NO FROZEN water bottles, they are weapons. WHAT!?!?!
so now i have one in 8th grade, and she is on the morning announcements TV show there at the school. she's famous. the big boy is in 5th. and the baby girl is in 4th. time flies. but i have to admit, i sure am smiling alot this last week or so at the PEACE AND QUIET in the house.
- - - after 3:30pm, fergitit about it!!!! - - -
we have been to 3 weddings so far this month. hmmm. something in the air? it sure is fun to see the smiles on the happy couples. and to remember all the chaotic fun of my own wedding.
my good friend Kendra has had a new baby girl just yesterday am. i cannot wait to hold her and smell that straight from HEAVEN smell!

the bathroom is coming along. i had to stop. brain overload and the rest of the house is a disaster..... and i was hungry. ;) it was sooo funny, only A. thinks its pretty. She says it reminds her of s'mores. lots of chocolate! can't go wrong there!! lol! so she was "helping" me paint, and backed into the wall. and as she pulled away, she obviously had paint on her bumm, BUTT, the funny part is that she left an imprint on the wall!!! soooo cute! i have used a heidi swapp mask on the upper cabinet doors. the bird and twig one. i REALLLLY like it. ( a mask is basically the opposite of a stencil ) and i was having to hold back from doing it everywhere!!!

~*~*~and i went to Michaels last night, and I SCORED BIG TIME!!!! the best deal in a LONG TIME! they had these darling wall hooks and tiny metal wall hanging baskets. all about 3x5 inches. they are the palest blue and cream with French stuff all over them, cherubs and postcards, rive gauche, etc. maybe you saw them. well they were $3.99 ( a reasonable price ) and they were just hanging on a short wall and the sign said .39 cents..... WHAT? so i carefully put some in my basket and made my way to the front, asked the girl oh so nicely what the price was... explained and she walked back with me, "sure enuf says she, you can have them for the .39 cents!!!" WAHOO!!!!!! i bought all of them. i think i have 16. LOL!, rofl!!! , giggle!, snort!, snark!, squawk! i know, its silly, but i can sooo use them... think covered and altered w/ scrapbook papers & paint. seasonal, silly, girly, i can make one for THE BOY too!
and maybe, just maybe, i just might leave the cherub one alone and put it in the bathroom!

soooo, i guess i have rambled enuf for today.... on Saturday it will be my dear mother's b-day. i have decided to embarrass her, kinda. i'll be nice Mom. promise. and i'll explain the big toe thing. maybe. i might might be busy helping to put in the new toilet.
( dont get me started, lol!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

uh oh...

I just told some friends i have a blog...
NOW WHAT?!! says me with fear in my eyes, giggles too!
hahahahaha, SNORT!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

day 3

so, i showed my oldest daughter, C. the "blog". her reaction, "Mom, you need to get some pictures, this is boring. while you're at it find some pretty headers."

well, not to sound like a teeny bopper, but, DUH!!!!
i wonder why she didn't offer her years of practical experience??? lol!

We are currently working on a fun home renovation. The hall bathroom.
when finished it should be wonderful. i purchased the pretty shower curtain from target. and the colors are brown and aqua. a true move for me, since i am not a blue fan! so i am excited to see how it all turns out. i am taking pictures and hopefully i can learn HOW to add them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

day 2

just watched Michael Phelps get his 8th gold medal....
so amazing. what talent. i wonder what his "real job" is? i realize training IS a real job, but still...

Friday, August 15, 2008

1st post

Day one....
I just decided to run with the idea of a blog and here it is!!!
"lions, and Tigers, and Bears! OH MY!!!"