Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good Day Sunshine!
Here is a small recap of our recent adventures-

 One Glorious Sunday Morning, not so long ago, My WONDERFUL hubby made breakfast. Pancakes and bacon, some of us have a 'thing' for bacon. In fact you might say, she loves it!   I like how she found the piece that looks like 1/2 of a heart.
mmmmm yummy bacon


We also went to a wedding, I would show some pics, but, I need to ask the Bride for permission.   this random head cut off foto, shows  the chic belt we admired. we have no idea who they are. cute belt, huh?!?!!   The temple was super busy and there were lots of weddings.  some wonderful color combos, red and turquoise; royal blue and the flowers were all hot bright vibrant colors; Hot pink; we saw one lovely  girl with  turquoise jewelry and some ostrich feathers in her bokay. ( yes, that' s how I spell it- to many years in a flower shop.)  Our bride had colors that remind me of the seaside, blues and greens with some silver.  The biggest trend we saw was the feathers with the flowers.    

Our next big project is babysitting these DARLING  whirlwinds!  Twins. and yes it takes 3 people to watch them! LOL!! 
More hi lites from our family adventures coming up!   I even get to do a guest post on a friends blog!  I am so EXCITED!
till then, toodles

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L. Taggart said...

I love how you have captured the energy of the twins in that blurry photo! Miss and love you! Hope to be a part of your adventures someday sooner than later!